Nissan Magnite Price in Devbhumi-Dwarka: 2024

Details of Nissan Magnite Price in Devbhumi-Dwarka

Nissan Magnite has quickly gained popularity in India’s competitive sub-compact SUV segment, thanks to its attractive pricing, robust feature set, and appealing design. As we step into 2024, potential buyers in Devbhumi-Dwarka are keen to understand the latest prices, EMI options, and key highlights of the Magnite. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of the Nissan Magnite price in Devbhumi-Dwarka for 2024, comparing it with the 2023 prices and detailing the financing options available.

Cost of Magnite All Models (2023/2024)

Nissan has maintained competitive pricing for the Magnite, ensuring it remains a value-for-money offering. Below is a detailed comparison of the prices for different Magnite models in 2023 and 2024:

VariantTransmissionPrice in 2023 (₹ Lakh)Price in 2024 (₹ Lakh)
Magnite XEManual5.976.10
Magnite XLManual / EZ-Shift6.826.95
Magnite XVManual / EZ-Shift7.507.65
Magnite XV PremiumManual / CVT8.728.85
Magnite Turbo XVManual / CVT9.509.65
Magnite Turbo XV PremiumManual / CVT10.5010.65

Nissan Magnite EMI Calculations (2023/2024)

Understanding the EMI options available for the Nissan Magnite can help potential buyers plan their finances better. Here’s a comparison of EMI calculations for 2023 and 2024 based on a 20% down payment and a loan tenure of 5 years at an interest rate of 9% per annum:

VariantEMI in 2023 (₹)EMI in 2024 (₹)
Magnite XE10,53010,750
Magnite XL12,01512,240
Magnite XV13,20013,430
Magnite XV Premium15,32015,540
Magnite Turbo XV16,77016,990
Magnite Turbo XV Premium18,54018,760

Magnite Price All Key Highlights (2023/2024)

The Nissan Magnite has several key highlights that make it a compelling choice. Here’s a detailed table highlighting the main features and specifications for 2023 and 2024:

Feature2023 Model2024 Model
Engine Options1.0L Naturally Aspirated, 1.0L TurboSame
Transmission5-speed Manual, CVT, EZ-ShiftSame
Power Output72 BHP (NA), 100 BHP (Turbo)Same
Torque96 Nm (NA), 160 Nm (Turbo)Same
Fuel Efficiency18.75 km/l (Manual), 17.7 km/l (CVT)Improved marginally
Airbags2-6 (depending on variant)Same
Infotainment8-inch Touchscreen, Wireless CarPlay/Android AutoSame
Safety FeaturesABS, EBD, Rear Parking SensorsAdded Electronic Stability Control
Comfort FeaturesAutomatic Climate Control, Rear AC VentsSame

FAQs About Nissan Magnite Price in Devbhumi-Dwarka

Q1: What is the starting price of the Nissan Magnite in Devbhumi-Dwarka for 2024?

Ans-The starting price of the Nissan Magnite in Devbhumi-Dwarka for 2024 is ₹6.10 lakh for the XE variant.

Q2: How much does the top-end Nissan Magnite model cost in 2024?

Ans-The top-end Nissan Magnite Turbo XV Premium costs ₹10.65 lakh in Devbhumi-Dwarka for 2024.

Q3: Are there any significant changes in the Nissan Magnite prices from 2023 to 2024?

Ans-Yes, there has been a marginal increase in prices across all variants, typically around ₹15,000 to ₹20,000.

Q4: What are the EMI options available for purchasing a Nissan Magnite?

Ans-EMI options vary depending on the down payment and loan tenure. For a 20% down payment and a 5-year loan at 9% interest, EMIs start from ₹10,750 for the XE variant.

Q5: Does the Nissan Magnite 2024 come with improved safety features?

Ans-Yes, the 2024 model includes added safety features such as Electronic Stability Control, along with the existing features like ABS, EBD, and multiple airbags.

Q6: Can I expect any discounts or offers on the Nissan Magnite in Devbhumi-Dwarka?

Ans-Discounts and offers vary based on dealership and season. It is advisable to check with local Nissan dealers in Devbhumi-Dwarka for the latest promotions.

Nissan Magnite continues to be an attractive option in the sub-compact SUV segment, offering a blend of affordability, style, and features. With the 2024 model, buyers in Devbhumi-Dwarka can enjoy the latest enhancements and maintain confidence in their investment with competitive pricing and flexible financing options. Whether you’re eyeing the entry-level XE or the feature-packed Turbo XV Premium, the Magnite promises to deliver a satisfying driving experience without breaking the bank.

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