Nissan Magnite Top 3 Model Comparison

Nissan Magnite entry into the sub-compact SUV market with nissan Magnite has been met with enthusiasm due to its combination of affordability, style, and feature set. Among the various trims available, nissan Magnite XE, XL, and XV models stand out for their distinct offerings. In this article, we will compare these three models in terms of price, infotainment system, connectivity, instrument cluster, safety, driver assistance, climate control, upholstery, lighting, and wheels. This comprehensive comparison aims to help potential buyers make an informed decision based on their preferences and needs.

Price Comparison

price is often the first consideration for many buyers. Here’s a breakdown of the prices for the Nissan Magnite XE, XL, and XV models:

Variant2023 Price (₹ Lakh)2024 Price (₹ Lakh)
Magnite XE5.976.10
Magnite XL6.826.95
Magnite XV7.507.65

Infotainment System

A modern infotainment system is a key feature in today’s vehicles.

FeatureMagnite XEMagnite XLMagnite XV
Infotainment SystemBasic8-inch Touchscreen9-inch Touchscreen
Audio System2 Speakers4 Speakers6 Speakers
NavigationNoYes (via Smartphone)Yes (Integrated)

Nissan Magnite XV stands out with its larger 9-inch touchscreen and integrated navigation system.


Connectivity features are essential for a seamless driving experience.

FeatureMagnite XEMagnite XLMagnite XV
Apple CarPlayNoYes (Wired)Yes (Wireless)
Android AutoNoYes (Wired)Yes (Wireless)
USB Ports122

Nissan Magnite XV offers wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, making it the most advanced in terms of connectivity.

Instrument Cluster

The Nissan Magnite instrument cluster provides vital information to the driver.

FeatureMagnite XEMagnite XLMagnite XV
Instrument ClusterAnalogSemi-DigitalFully Digital
Display Size2.5-inch3.5-inch7-inch

The fully digital 7-inch display in nissan Magnite XV provides more detailed and easily readable information.


Safety is paramount in any vehicle. Here’s a look at the safety features across the three models:

FeatureMagnite XEMagnite XLMagnite XV
AirbagsDual FrontDual FrontSix (Front, Side, Curtain)
ABS with EBDYesYesYes
Rear Parking SensorsYesYesYes
360-degree CameraNoNoYes

Nissan Magnite XV provides enhanced safety with six airbags and a 360-degree camera.

Driver Assistance

Driver assistance features enhance convenience and safety.

FeatureMagnite XEMagnite XLMagnite XV
Rear Parking SensorsYesYesYes
Cruise ControlNoYesYes
Hill Start AssistNoNoYes

Nissan Magnite XV includes additional driver assistance features like cruise control and hill start assist.

Climate Control

Comfort is critical in a vehicle, and climate control plays a big part in that.

FeatureMagnite XEMagnite XLMagnite XV
Climate ControlManualManualAutomatic
Rear AC VentsNoYesYes

Nissan Magnite XV offers automatic climate control for added comfort.


The quality of the interior materials can significantly impact the driving experience.

FeatureMagnite XEMagnite XLMagnite XV
Seat MaterialFabricPremium FabricLeatherette (Top Variant)
Seat AdjustmentsManualManualManual

The Nissan Magnite XV provides a more premium feel with leatherette upholstery in the top variant.


Proper lighting not only enhances the car’s aesthetics but also its safety.

FeatureMagnite XEMagnite XLMagnite XV
Daytime Running LightsNoNoYes
Fog LampsNoYesYes

Nissan Magnite XV features LED headlamps and daytime running lights for better visibility and style.


Wheels can greatly affect the ride quality and appearance of vehicle.

FeatureMagnite XEMagnite XLMagnite XV
Wheel Size16-inch Steel16-inch Steel/Alloy16-inch Alloy
DesignBasicImprovedNew Design Alloy

The Nissan Magnite XV offers the most attractive and functional wheel options with newly designed alloys.


Nissan Magnite XE, XL, and XV models each offer unique features catering to different needs and preferences. The XE model is a budget-friendly option, providing essential features at a competitive price. The XL model strikes a balance between cost and features, adding improved infotainment and connectivity options. XV model stands out as the premium option, with advanced safety features, a fully digital instrument cluster, automatic climate control, and a more luxurious interior. For buyers prioritizing advanced features and comfort, nissan magnite XV is the best choice. Those looking for a balance between price and features might find nissan Magnite XL to be the ideal option. Finally, for those on a tighter budget but still wanting a reliable sub-compact SUV, nissan Magnite XE offers excellent value.

FAQs Nissan Magnite Top 3 Model 2024

Q1: What are the key differences between the Nissan Magnite XE, XL, and XV models?

ANS – The key differences lie in their feature sets. The XE is the most basic model with essential features, the XL adds more comfort and connectivity options, and the XV offers premium features including advanced safety, better infotainment, and a more luxurious interior.

Q2: Which model of the Nissan Magnite giving the best safety features?

ANS – The Nissan Magnite XV offers the best safety features, including six airbags and a 360-degree camera.

Q3: Is the infotainment system different across the Magnite XE, XL, and XV models?

ANS – Yes, the Magnite XE has a basic system, the XL features an 8-inch touchscreen, and the XV has a 9-inch touchscreen with integrated navigation.

Q4: What type of upholstery is available in the Magnite XV?

ANS – The Magnite XV offers leatherette upholstery in its top variant, providing a more premium feel compared to the fabric used in the XE and XL models.

Q5: Does the Magnite XV come with advanced driver assistance features?

ANS – Yes, the Magnite XV includes advanced driver assistance features like cruise control and hill start assist.

Q6: Are there any differences in wheel design among the Magnite XE, XL, and XV?

ANS – Yes, nissan magnite XV features newly designed 16-inch alloy wheels, whereas the XE comes with basic steel wheels, and the XL offers a mix of steel and alloy wheels.

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