Nissan Magnite Safety Rating 2024

By the time you finish reading this article, you should know why the Nissan Magnite Safety Rating 2024 is so important when purchasing a vehicle. Nissan Magnite is a sub-4-metre SUV. Its appealing appearance, affordable pricing, and extensive feature set have garnered a lot of attention. But Nissan Magnite Safety is one of the most important; Global NCAP gives the Nissan Magnite a four-star grade.

This is fantastic news for anyone thinking about purchasing a Nissan Magnite since it indicates that the vehicle has undergone rigorous safety testing and has been determined to be secure for both adult and kid occupants. In this blog post, we’ll look more closely at the Nissan Magnite Safety Rating 2024, the results of multiple tests, and its built-in safety measures.

NCAP- Nissan Magnite Safety Rating 2024

Cars are tested for crashes by an impartial agency called Global NCAP to determine Nissan Magnite Safety Rating. Investigations were conducted into the Nissan Magnite’s performance in a variety of scenarios, including front and side impacts. During the testing, the vehicle’s safety features, like its seatbelts and airbags, were also checked. 

Adult Occupant Protection Rating- Nissan Magnite Safety Rating 2024

One of the most important tests carried out by the Global NCAP is the Adult Occupant Protection (AOP) test. This test evaluates how well the vehicle performs in a 64 km/h frontal collision. The safety features of the car, including the airbags and seatbelts, are also evaluated during the test.

The Nissan Magnite scored an astounding four stars out of five in the AOP test. The driver and front passenger of the automobile were sufficiently protected in the event of an accident thanks to the seatbelts and airbags operating as designed.

However, the study showed that in the event of an accident, the driver may have suffered damage to his chest. Nissan may choose to make side airbags a standard feature on all models to assist with this. All things considered, the Nissan Magnite did remarkably well in the AOP test and received a good safety grade.

Child Occupant Protection Rating- Nissan Magnite Safety Rating 2024

The Global NCAP evaluates the vehicle’s child occupant protection (COP) rating in addition to adult occupant protection. Kid-sized dummies that simulate a 1.5-year-old and a 3-year-old child are used to assess the car’s performance in a frontal crash at 56 km/h.

The Nissan Magnite received two stars out of a possible five in the COP test. The vehicle gave the three- and 1.5-year-old child occupants adequate protection in the case of an accident. According to the research, the rear seatbelt reminder could be made standard on all models and the child restraint system may be improved to offer better protection.

Safety Assist TestNissan Magnite Safety Rating 2024

The Safety Assist test assesses the vehicle’s active safety systems, such as electronic stability control (ESC), seat belt reminders, and autonomous emergency braking (AEB). Modern cars are more likely to include more sophisticated safety features like lane departure warning (LDW) and automatic emergency braking (AEB). It does, however, boast a few standard safety features, such as rear parking sensors and seat belt reminders for the front passenger and driver. Nissan might improve the Safety Assist rating of the Magnite by standardizing more contemporary safety features on all versions. While the Nissan Magnite’s passive safety features are generally good, its active safety measures might be superior for protecting passengers and other drivers.

Motorcyclist Safety TestNissan Magnite Safety Rating 2024

The vehicle’s safety is evaluated by the Global NCAP for vulnerable road users, such as motorcycle riders, in addition to its occupants and other users. The Motorcyclist Safety test assesses a motorcycle rider’s ability to recognize and mitigate crashes. The Nissan Magnite obtained a single rating of five for motorcycle safety. The car lacks contemporary safety technologies like Blind Spot Detection (BSD), which could assist avoid crashes with motorcycles. Nissan may raise Magnite’s Motorcyclist Safety rating by making cutting-edge safety technologies like BSD standard on all models.

Nissan Magnite Safety Features List

Safety FeatureFunction
Dual Airbagssafeguards the front passenger and the driver.
Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)keeps the wheels from locking up when applying emergency brakes.
Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD)braking force is equally distributed across all wheels.
Brake Assist (BA)gives extra braking power when applying emergency braking.
Hill Start Assist (HSA)stops the vehicle from rolling back when accelerating on a slope.
Rear Parking Sensorswarns the driver of potential hazards when reversing
Speed-Sensing Auto Door Lockwhen the vehicle reaches a specific speed, the doors will automatically lock.
Seatbelt Reminder (Driver and Front Passenger)Encourages the front passenger and the driver to buckle up
ISOFIX Child Seat Anchorsstable locations to which child seats can be fastened
Central Door Lockinguses a single button to lock and unlock all doors.
Rear Defoggermakes the back window clear of mist and fog.
Immobilizerhalts unauthorized entry into the car
Nissan Magnite Safety Rating 2024 Features List


Finally, the Nissan Magnite’s outstanding safety performance is attested to by its four-star Global NCAP safety certification. The automobile has enough protection for both adult and child occupants, as well as standard passive safety equipment including ABS and twin airbags. Nonetheless, the Nissan Magnite Safety Rating 2024 and the car’s Safety Assist and Motorcyclist Safety ratings might be raised by standardizing advanced safety technologies like AEB, LDW, and BSD across all models.

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