Nissan Magnite MT XV (2023): Drive to Delight

The gasoline version of the Nissan Magnite range is the MT XV Premium Turbo. The ex-showroom price of the Nissan Magnite MT XV Premium Turbo Petrol Model CSD is Rs. 9,50,000, while the retail price is Rs. 837,254. It is capable of producing 20 km/l of verified mileage. The manual transmission Nissan Magnite MT XV Premium Turbo Petrol Variant is offered. The Nissan Magnite MT XV Premium Turbo can accommodate five people in its seats.

Here’s the details of Nissan Magnite MT XV

Engine & Transmission

Nissan Magnite MT XV’s powerful 999 cc DOHC engine powers it through three inline cylinders with four valves each. The gasoline-powered 1.0L B4D engine produces an impressive 71 horsepower and 96 Nm of torque between 6250 and 3500 rpm. With an impressive 750 km driving range and an ARAI-rated mileage of 19.35 km/l, efficiency is a noteworthy feature. The drivetrain with front-wheel drive (FWD) provides stability and control. The 5-gear manual transmission adds to the dynamic feel of driving. Additionally, the Nissan Magnite MT XV satisfies the BS6 Phase 2 emission standard by environmental legislation.

Dimensions & Weight

The Nissan Magnite MT XV’s overall performance and design are influenced by its weight and dimensions. With dimensions of 3994 mm in length, 1758 mm in width, and 1572 mm in height, it boasts a compact and well-balanced profile. The vehicle is more stable and has a cozier cabin with a 2500 mm wheelbase. Its noteworthy 205 mm of ground clearance ensures versatility in many terrain conditions. Despite its size, the kerb weight is kept at a manageable 939 kg to maximize maneuverability and fuel efficiency. Together, these characteristics provide a well-balanced vehicle with ample passenger space, good handling qualities, and durability across a range of driving circumstances. It’s an ideal city for Nissan Magnite MT XV.


Easy access is provided by the vehicle’s five doors, and its sensible design was given first importance. Five people may fit in its two rows of seats, providing passengers with a spacious and comfortable cabin. This automobile is suitable for both longer excursions and daily commuting due to its spacious 336-liter boot that can hold both freight and luggage. The Nissan Magnite MT XV’s large boot space, spacious seating, and 5-door layout all contribute to its overall adaptability by meeting the needs of families and individuals alike while maintaining an attractive and practical external appearance.

Suspensions, Brakes, Steering & Tyres

The Nissan Magnite MT XV’s tires, steering, brakes, and suspension are all made to make driving comfortable and controllable. Comfortable and stable handling is achieved by the combination of the Mac Pherson Strut with a Lower Transverse Link in the front and the Twin-tube Telescopic Shock Absorber in the rear. The braking system combines front disc brakes and rear drum brakes to produce effective stopping power.

The vehicle’s remarkable mobility is demonstrated by its minimum turning radius of five meters. Power-assisted steering uses electrical power to provide responsive control. The Nissan Magnite MT XV has alloy wheels that are both fashionable and practical, and the spare wheel is a sturdy steel choice. The 195/60 R16 tires on the front and back tires blend comfort and performance on the road.


The Nissan Magnite MT XV has a lot of safety features to make driving better overall. An overspeed warning system makes a single beep at 80 kmph and a continuous beep at 120 kmph to promote safe driving. The automobile lacks lane departure warning and flashing emergency brake lights while having an ASEAN NCAP 4-star certification that attests to its commitment to safety standards.

The vehicle’s two airbags, one for the driver and one for the front passenger help to keep everyone safe in the case of an accident. One of the extra safety measures that ensure every passenger is securely strapped up is a seat belt warning system.

The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is a helpful element that helps to maintain the proper tire pressure for improved safety and fuel efficiency. Child seat anchor points significantly increase the safety of younger passengers while also adhering to current safety rules. With airbags, warning systems, and advanced monitoring capabilities, the Nissan Magnite MT XV prioritizes safety even in the absence of a headrest or three-point seatbelt.

Comfort & Convenience

The automobile does not have an automatic parking brake, and the door does not have a place to store an umbrella. The Nissan Magnite MT XV’s overall usefulness is unaffected by the absence of these particular characteristics; performance, safety, and convenience are still prioritized. In addition to the standard parking brake system, users have multiple options for storing umbrellas for safe parking. The Nissan Magnite MT XV’s design places a strong emphasis on functionality and minimalism, giving the driver and passengers a well-rounded, hassle-free experience.


The external design of the vehicle is defined by functional components. It doesn’t have a moonroof or sunroof to enjoy the outdoors, but it does have a roof-mounted antenna that offers consistent radio connectivity. The vehicle’s external design is complemented and given a visual aspect by the body-colored bumpers. This choice enhances the vehicle’s visual appeal while also contributing to its overall sleek and cohesive design. Generally speaking, the external specs show a purposeful balance between aesthetics and functionality, catering to the preferences of those who appreciate simplicity and unity in design.

Manufacturer Warranty

The manufacturer offers a warranty package for the Nissan Magnite MT XV that lasts for two years or up to 40,000 kilometers, whichever happens first. Interestingly, the battery’s warranty isn’t specified in terms of years or kilometers.

In terms of exterior components, the vehicle lacks a chrome-finished exhaust pipe. Instead, the vehicle features a body kit with black and grey cladding that enhances its appearance. Silver rub strips improve the exterior protection and aesthetics of the Nissan Magnite MT XV while showcasing a harmonious blend of design and function.

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