Nissan Magnite MT XE (2023): Discover the Drive

Nissan Magnite MT XE is a fantastic choice for those who are concerned about fuel economy because of its amazing features and validated ARAI efficiency of 18.75 km/l. It can go at a high speed of almost 150 kmph because of its strong 999 cc engine. The motor’s 5-speed manual transmission makes for an exciting ride. With 96 Nm of torque at 3500 rpm and a maximum power output of 72 horsepower at 6250 rpm, this car offers a solid mix of power and performance.

Versatility on a range of surfaces is ensured by its substantial 205 mm ground clearance. Its 939 kg weight strikes a mix between speed and stability. Its roomy 336-liter boot and 40-liter fuel tank make it more useful for regular commuting as well as longer trips.

Nissan Magnite MT XEEngine & Transmission

Nissan Magnite MT XE has a 999cc, 1.0L B4D Petrol Engine that is strong and efficient and complies with BS6 emission standards for a greener and cleaner running experience. With its five-speed manual gearbox, drivers may control the vehicle precisely. An engine with a bore x stroke of 71 x 84.1 mm is specified, which helps it run as efficiently as possible. With a top speed of 6250 rpm and a maximum torque of 3500 rpm, this automobile provides a snappy and exciting driving experience. Nissan Magnite MT XE stands out as a dependable and progressive option because of its emphasis on environmental responsibility and performance.

Nissan Magnite MT XE- Dimensions & Weight

Nissan Magnite MT XE’s well-balanced design is influenced by its measurements, which add up to 3994 mm in length, 1758 mm in width, and 1572 mm in height. Its 2500 mm wheelbase provides stability and comfort. Its adaptability on a range of surfaces is enhanced by its substantial 205 mm of ground clearance. The car’s curb weight of 939 kg belies its massive dimensions, providing a good balance between power and agility. In addition, the car’s outstanding 5.0-meter turning radius means it’s suitable for driving in suburban and urban environments. Together, these elements offer an all-encompassing driving experience.


Nissan Magnite MT XE has been designed with the comfort of its passengers in mind. It can accommodate five people in two rows of roomy seats. Easy entry to the cabin is made possible by the five doors, which ensures passenger and driver convenience. Nissan Magnite MT XE’s generous boot area, which holds 336 liters of luggage and stuff, is another example of its careful design. Because of this, it’s the perfect travel companion and everyday commuter. Additionally, the 40-liter gasoline tank guarantees that the car is adequately equipped for lengthy trips without the need for frequent refueling. When combined, these capacity features make the automobile a sensible and adaptable option for a range of travel situations.

Brakes & Suspension

The suspension and braking systems of the car are made to offer a safe and enjoyable driving experience. The disc system used in the front brakes provides effective and fast braking. On the other hand, the drum mechanism used by the rear brakes adds to the system’s balance.

The front suspension has a Mac Pherson Strut with a Lower Transverse Link for improved handling and stability and a smooth ride. A Twin Tube Telescopic Shock Absorber installed in the rear suspension adds even more comfort and control to the vehicle.

Furthermore, the Chrome Button-PVC Urethane parking brakes provide dependable stationary control, highlighting safety in parked situations. The car’s dedication to providing a safe and enjoyable driving experience is demonstrated by the way its suspension and braking systems work together.

Comfort & Convenience

To improve the whole driving experience, the Nissan Magnite MT XE places a high priority on comfort and convenience features. For the comfort of passengers, there is a bottle holder and assistance grips inside the cabin. With the manual tilt steering wheel adjustment feature, drivers may select their ideal driving position. The interior style of the cabin is complemented by a matte chrome dial ring and a sleek silver-finished AC vent design. Practicality is increased with the center console’s cup holder, wallet, and smartphone storage.

The automobile has electronic power steering for convenience, manual controls for the air conditioner, and variable intermittent wipers. The rear wiper and washer, power windows, luggage net with hook, keyless entry, and rear defogger are among the noteworthy features. The combination of these features plus coat hooks makes for a cozy and convenient driving environment.

Exterior Features

Numerous external improvements that improve the Nissan Magnite MT XE’s functionality and aesthetic appeal are included. For better visibility, LED turn indicators are placed strategically on the fender. The side cladding, which is visible on the back wheel arch and front fender, provides some protection and toughness. The black body side lower finisher draws attention to the dynamic design of the car.

An attractive exterior is produced by the body-colored outside mirrors, chrome front grille, and black door handles. Nissan Magnite MT XE’s distinctive chrome finish on the front and rear bumpers adds to its fashionable look. Conveniently, the outside rearview mirrors can be manually adjusted from the inside.

A rear spoiler with an LED high-mounted stop lamp and colored sporty roof rails give the vehicle a sleek and practical look. Glare is lessened and privacy is enhanced with tinted glass. Together, these external characteristics give the Nissan Magnite MT XE a useful and aesthetically pleasing design.

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