Nissan Magnite EMI Calculator: Calculate Payments Easily (2023)

Nissan Magnite EMI is $12,164 per month, with a five-year term and an interest rate of 8%. One-time payment: ₹1.38,000,000. The pricing of a Nissan Magnite ranges from ₹ 7.38 Lakh to ₹ 13.22 Lakh. You may get a thorough breakdown of Nissan Magnite EMI and other expenses with the use of the Nissan Magnite EMI Calculator.

Nissan Magnite EMI

The Nissan Magnite EMI Car Loan’s interest rate, duration, and down payment are 8%, ₹1,37,721, and five years, respectively.

Nissan Magnite VariantsLoan @10.5%Down PaymentEMI (60 months)
XERs. 5,39,910Rs. 1,67,571Rs. 11,605
XE AMTRs. 5,84,100Rs. 1,57,820Rs. 12,555
XLRs. 6,33,600Rs. 2,09,512Rs. 13,619
Geza EditionRs. 6,65,100Rs. 2,17,562Rs. 14,296
XL AMTRs. 6,69,600Rs. 1,79,137Rs. 14,392
XVRs. 7,02,900Rs. 2,27,222Rs. 15,108
XV DTRs. 7,17,300Rs. 1,91,031Rs. 15,418
XV Red EditionRs. 7,25,400Rs. 2,32,973Rs. 15,592
XV AMTRs. 7,38,900Rs. 1,96,416Rs. 15,882
Kuro MTRs. 7,44,300Rs. 2,37,803Rs. 15,998
XV AMT DTRs. 7,53,300Rs. 2,00,006Rs. 16,191
XV PremiumRs. 7,73,100Rs. 2,45,162Rs. 16,617
Kuro AMTRs. 7,80,300Rs. 2,06,738Rs. 16,772
XV Premium DTRs. 7,87,500Rs. 2,08,533Rs. 16,926
XV Premium AMTRs. 8,00,550Rs. 2,11,787Rs. 17,207
XV Premium AMT DTRs. 8,14,950Rs. 2,15,377Rs. 17,516
Turbo XVRs. 8,27,100Rs. 2,58,864Rs. 17,778
Turbo XV DTRs. 8,41,500Rs. 2,21,997Rs. 18,087
Turbo XV Red EditionRs. 8,49,600Rs. 2,24,017Rs. 18,261
Kuro TurboRs. 8,68,500Rs. 2,69,443Rs. 18,667
Turbo XV PremiumRs. 8,74,800Rs. 2,71,053Rs. 18,803
Turbo XV Premium DTRs. 8,89,200Rs. 2,33,890Rs. 19,112
Turbo XV Premium OptRs. 8,92,800Rs. 2,75,654Rs. 19,190
Turbo CVT XVRs. 8,99,910Rs. 2,78,092Rs. 19,343
Turbo XV Premium Opt DTRs. 9,07,200Rs. 3,20,453Rs. 19,499
Turbo CVT XV DTRs. 9,14,310Rs. 3,23,209Rs. 19,652
Turbo CVT XV Red EditionRs. 9,22,410Rs. 3,25,638Rs. 19,826
Kuro Turbo CVTRs. 9,41,310Rs. 3,31,308Rs. 20,232
Turbo CVT XV PremiumRs. 9,59,400Rs. 3,36,736Rs. 20,621
Turbo CVT XV Premium DTRs. 9,73,800Rs. 2,99,064Rs. 20,931
Turbo CVT XV Premium OptRs. 9,77,400Rs. 3,42,136Rs. 21,008
Turbo CVT XV Premium Opt DTRs. 9,91,800Rs. 3,04,352Rs. 21,318
Nissan Magnite EMI Price List

Nissan Magnite Key Specifications

Price₹ 6.00 – 10.86 Lakh
Fuel TypePetrol
TransmissionManual, Automatic (AMT), Automatic (CVT)
Engine Size999 cc
Mileage17.4 – 20 km/l
Safety Rating4 Star (ASEAN NCAP)
Ground Clearance (mm)205 mm
Avg. Waiting Period0 – 5 Weeks
Warranty2 Years or 40000 km
Seating Capacity5 People
Size3994 mm L X 1758 mm W X 1572 mm H
Fuel Tank40 litre

Nissan Magnite Loan Repayment Schedule

Without the Nissan Magnite EMI Calculator, This table makes it easier for you to comprehend how much you will still owe after each loan year. In this manner, without the Nissan Magnite EMI Calculator, you can calculate how much you’ll need in case you want to pay off your debt early.

MonthsPrincipal PaidInterest PaidBalance Loan
12₹ 1,01,655₹ 44,313₹ 4,98,245
24₹ 1,10,094₹ 35,874₹ 3,88,151
36₹ 1,19,232₹ 26,736₹ 2,68,919
48₹ 1,29,128₹ 16,840₹ 1,39,791
60₹ 1,39,791₹ 6,124₹ 0
Nissan Magnite EMI Loan Repayment List

Nissan Magnite FAQ’s

Q. What are the features of the Nissan Magnite?

Ans. The Nissan Magnite has two airbags, an ABS (anti-lock braking system), an electronic brake force distribution system, and an automatic-dimming rearview mirror as standard safety features. 

The Nissan Magnite has a 3.5″ LCD instrument console, power steering, power windows, adjustable headrests, adjustable steering, a multifunction display, an LED cluster with a digital odometer, a rear armrest, a digital speedometer, a digital tachometer, a digital fuel level gauge for added comfort.

Q. What is the price of the Nissan Magnite?

Ans. The Nissan Magnite’s ex-showroom pricing in New Delhi ranges from INR 5.99 to 10.94 lakh.

This is how much a Nissan Magnite costs in Mumbai: ₹ 7,37,621. With a 5-year loan available at an 8% interest rate and a down payment of ₹ 1,37,721, your monthly installment will be ₹ 12,164.

Q. What is the price Nissan Magnite EMI ?

Ans. 12,164 ₹.

Q. What is the minimum down payment needed to buy a Nissan Magnite with a loan?

Ans. In Mumbai, the Nissan Magnite EMI XE model is the least expensive, costing ₹ 7,37,621. A down payment of ₹ 1,37,721 is required to purchase this model.

Note: The amount you would spend in cash when purchasing a car is known as a down payment. You get a loan from the bank to cover the outstanding balance.

Q. How many years I should take a car loan?

Ans. It’s excellent practice to choose the shortest term for which you can afford to pay an EMI.

If you opt for a lengthier loan duration, like seven years, your monthly payment for Magnite XE will be ₹ 11,497; but, you will incur interest of ₹ 3,65,848 over that period. You would pay less interest over the three years—that is, ₹ 2,32,204—if you chose a loan with a shorter period, say three years. However, your EMI will be higher at ₹ 23,114.

Q. Can I purchase a Nissan Magnite through CSD?

Ans. You must be qualified for CSD benefits to receive them. If you or a family member is currently employed by the Indian government as a wage worker in the Indian Army, Navy, Air Force, or Defense, you are eligible for the CSD canteen. 

To find out the CSD for the Nissan Magnite, it is advised that you get in touch with the nearest Nissan shop. You will receive a CSD price list from a dealership representative that takes into account any changes and the city.

Q. What is the waiting period for the Nissan Magnite?

Ans. Nissan Magnite requires a 0–5 week waiting period in India. The length of the wait may differ based on the city and the model that you have reserved. The length of the Nissan Magnite waiting period varies depending on the major Indian cities. 

Please contact the Nissan store that is closest to you to find out the precise waiting period in your city. You can get assistance regarding the precise waiting time for the Nissan Magnite from a dealership representative. Another possibility is that they may have Nissan Magnite in stock and be able to provide it to you right away.

Nissan Magnite Dimensions

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