Nissan Magnite Dimensions: Spacious Wonders (2023) 

Nissan Magnite dimensions are 1572 x 1758 x 3994 mm. Cars with larger outside dimensions have a greater presence on the road. The Nissan Magnite has enough for a 336-liter trunk and a 40-liter gas tank. The elevation of the magnite is 205 mm above Earth. The 195/60 R16 tire that comes with every Nissan Magnite model is the same size. The handling and appearance of a car are enhanced by larger wheel sizes. However, these advantages come at the sacrifice of efficacy. Bigger wheels equal more metal and rotating mass.

Price₹ 6.00 – 10.86 Lakh
Fuel TypePetrol
TransmissionManual, Automatic (AMT), Automatic (CVT)
Engine Size999 cc
Mileage17.4 – 20 km/l
Safety Rating4 Star (ASEAN NCAP)
Ground Clearance (mm)205 mm
Avg. Waiting Period0 – 5 Weeks
Warranty2 Years or 40000 km
Seating Capacity5 People
Size3994 mm L X 1758 mm W X 1572 mm H
Fuel Tank40 litre

Nissan Magnite Dimensions Overview

Ground Clearance205mm
Boot Space336L
Fuel Tank Capacity40L
Wheel Size (Base)195/60 R16
Wheel Size (Top)195/60 R16
Nissan Magnite Dimensions Overview

Length of Nissan Magnite

The Nissan Magnite is a great urban companion thanks to its compact yet capacious design, measuring 3994mm or 3.99m in length. This SUV‘s versatility is demonstrated by its 13.1-foot length. Whether traveling through cities or on longer excursions, the Nissan Magnite’s clever design, which skillfully blends look and utility, ensures a joyful driving experience. The length of Magnite is shown below in many units, including centimeters, meters, feet, and inches:

Nissan Magnite Length
Length- Nissan Magnite Dimensions

Width of Nissan Magnite

The Nissan Magnite dimensions boast an amazing length as well as a balanced width. Its width is 69.21 inches in inches and 175.8 cm in centimeters. Without compromising on mobility, the Magnite’s 5.77-foot breadth in feet contributes to its confident presence on the road. The Nissan Magnite offers a snappy and swift driving experience since the Nissan Magnite dimensions are perfect for both crowded city streets and interstate travel. The breadth of Magnite is given below in many units, including centimeters, meters, feet, and inches:

Nissan Magnite Width
Width- Nissan Magnite Dimensions

Height of Nissan Magnite

The Nissan Magnite’s impressive height of 1572mm, or 1.57m, completes its well-balanced form and shows off the perfect fusion of style and function. With its thoughtfully designed height, the Nissan Magnite epitomizes contemporary automobile design and guarantees an exhilarating and assured driving experience whether the vehicle is parked in urban areas or exploring new terrain. The height of Magnite is shown below in many units, including centimeters, meters, feet, and inches:

Nissan Magnite Height
Height- Nissan Magnite Dimensions

The Wheelbase of the Nissan Magnite

The Nissan Magnite’s remarkable wheelbase of 2500mm, or 2.5m, provides the basis for its handling agility and stability. This ideal wheelbase guarantees a comfortable and controlled ride while also giving passengers plenty of room inside the car. Precise steering, stable handling, and roomy interiors are all made possible by the Nissan Magnite’s precisely calibrated wheelbase, which is essential for maneuvering in congested areas and on highways. The Magnite wheelbase is shown here in many units, including centimeters, meters, feet, and inches:

Nissan Magnite Wheelbase

Boot Space Of Nissan Magnite

The spacious and well-designed Nissan Magnite boasts a large 336-liter, or 11.87 cubic feet, boot capacity. With this enormous storage capacity, you will always have enough room for groceries, bags, and other items when traveling. The thoughtfully designed boot capacity of the Magnite adds to its overall versatility, making it appropriate for both routine commuting and longer holidays. Whether you’re performing everyday errands or packing for a weekend trip, the Nissan Magnite is a trusty and practical travel companion. Its spacious boot capacity improves your comfort. The data on Magnite boot space, represented in liters and cubic feet, is as follows:

Nissan Magnite Boot Space
Cubic Feet11.87ft3

Ground Clearance Of Nissan Magnite

The Nissan Magnite has 205mm (20.5cm) of ground clearance, which allows it to stand tall and assuredly on a range of surfaces. This feature makes the Magnite an excellent vehicle for both urban and off-road exploring. A vehicle’s versatility and ability to navigate a range of terrain are enhanced when it has the optimal ratio of ground clearance to height. Whether traversing through cities or on concrete roads, the Nissan Magnite is always an imposing sight. This table provides the magnite’s ground clearance in inches, millimeters, and centimeters.

Nissan Magnite Ground Clearance


The Nissan Magnite is a unique SUV that skillfully blends style and function thanks to its innovative engineering and versatility. It looks intimidating on the road thanks to its large 336-liter trunk, 40-liter gasoline tank, and dimensions of 1572 x 1758 x 3994 mm. Because of its exceptional Nissan Magnite dimensions, the Magnite is a fantastic choice for anybody seeking a dependable and thrilling driving experience.

Nissan Magnite Specifications

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