Nissan Magnite XV Turbo: Power, Safety & Warranty (2023)

The Nissan Magnite XV Turbo, the petrol variant of the Magnite series, is priced at Rs. 9.19 Lakh. 19.35 kilometers per gallon are provided. The Nissan Magnite XV Turbo is offered in seven distinct colors and has a manual gearbox. Storm White, Tourmaline Brown & Onyx Black, Sandstone Brown, Blade Silver, Pearl White & Onyx Black, Flare Garnet Red.

Here’s the Full Specification Details of Nissan Magnite XV Turbo

Engine & Transmission

The engine and transmission of the Nissan Magnite XV Turbo have outstanding performance characteristics. Powerful and capable of reaching speeds of up to 100 kmph, the 999 cc, 3 Cylinders Inline, DOHC engine accelerates quickly: 10.28 seconds. It has a 1.0L HRAO Turbo engine type that runs on gasoline and produces 99 horsepower at 5000 rpm and 160 Nm of peak torque at 2800 rpm. With a significant driving range of 800 km and an effective fuel efficiency of 19.35 KMPL (ARAI), the front-wheel-drive (FWD) drivetrain is impressive. Five gears with the manual transmission provide a pleasant ride. Nissan Magnite XV Turbo perfectly blends power and environmental friendliness thanks to turbocharging and compliance with BS6 Phase 2 emission norms.

Dimensions & Weight

Nissan Magnite XV Turbo’s size and weight contribute to its overall harmonious design. Measuring 3994 mm by 1758 mm by 1572 mm, its dimensions exhibit a harmonious blend of contemporary design and practical functionality. The broad 2500 mm wheelbase increases stability and interior space, while the 205 mm ground clearance ensures adaptability to all terrains. The automobile strikes a satisfying balance between dependability and fuel efficiency with a curb weight of 1014 kg. When combined, these characteristics offer a car that is not only incredibly capable in a range of driving conditions but also safe and comfortable to drive.


Nissan Magnite XV Turbo’s capacity features increase its usefulness and comfort even further. It can hold five people in two rows of chairs, with five doors making entry simple. There is plenty of room for baggage and personal items in the roomy 336-liter boot space, which complements the interior area. Because of this, the car may be used for extended trips as well as daily commuting, offering flexibility to suit a range of lifestyle requirements. Furthermore, the 40-liter fuel tank capacity guarantees a longer driving range, reducing the frequency of refueling stops. Together, these capacity features add to the vehicle’s attractiveness and make it a well-rounded option for both single people and families.

Suspensions, Brakes, Steering & Tyres

The tires, steering, brakes, and suspension of the car all contribute to a satisfying driving experience. A smooth and controlled ride over a variety of terrains is ensured by the twin-tube telescopic shock absorber at the rear and the MacPherson Strut with a Lower Transverse Link at the front suspension. Front disc brakes and rear drum brakes provide strong stopping force as part of the braking system. The vehicle provides exceptional maneuverability, with a minimal turning radius of 5 meters.

In addition to adding a little elegance, the alloy wheels improve driver control when combined with power-assisted (electric) steering. A useful steel option, the spare wheel guarantees readiness for unforeseen circumstances. The 195 / 60 R16 front and rear tires improve the vehicle’s handling and stability in addition to offering good traction on the road. This feature set contributes to a responsive and well-balanced driving experience.


Nissan Magnite XV Turbo has several features that put safety first. An overspeed warning system encourages cautious driving by sounding one beep at 80 kmph and continuous beeps at 120 kmph. Although it isn’t equipped with a Lane Departure Warning or Emergency Brake Light Flashing, its 4-star ASEAN NCAP rating highlights its crashworthiness.

The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) guarantees ideal tire conditions for preventive safety, and the availability of kid Seat Anchor Points encourages safe kid seating. The front passenger and driver airbags both add to occupant safety. Nissan Magnite XV Turbo has basic safety features like seat belt warning and forward collision warning, even though it lacks some more sophisticated features like lane departure prevention and collision warning. This shows that the manufacturer is committed to upholding the minimum requirements for safety.

Comfort & Convenience

The automobile delivers a thoughtful feature selection with comfort and convenience as its top priorities. Its automatic climate control system delivers a comfortable interior, making up for the lack of an electronic parking brake and umbrella storage in the door. A variety of weather conditions are accommodated by the heater and single-zone front air conditioner with shared fan speed control.

The driver’s and co-driver’s sun visor vanity mirrors provide a splash of practicality. Manual anti-glare mirrors improve driver comfort, and cabin boot access increases convenience. The rear parking sensors and the reverse camera with guiding make parking easy. Customized driving is made possible with tilt steering, and the ignition process is streamlined with a keyless start/button start. Features like illumination and ignition-on reminders highlight comfort and user-friendliness even without cruise control.


Nissan Magnite XV Turbo’s exterior design combines fashion and functionality. Although it lacks a sunroof or moonroof, its roof-mounted antenna ensures consistent connectivity. The vehicle appears more streamlined and cohesive thanks to the body-colored bumpers, and the unique body package with black/grey cladding provides some toughness to make up for the absence of a chrome-finished exhaust pipe.

Simultaneously adding style and security are the silver rub-strips. When combined, these external factors result in a visually appealing and thoughtful design that successfully balances modern design features with practical considerations.

Manufacturer Warranty

Nissan Magnite XV Turbo comes with a full warranty package from the manufacturer. The general warranty coverage is described, but the battery warranty’s particular specifications (in years and kilometers) are not. A 2-year warranty that covers any manufacturing flaws and difficulties is included with the car. The manufacturer’s dedication to sustaining the vehicle’s performance and dependability during the first ownership phase is evidenced by the warranty’s 40,000-kilometer limit. This warranty plan gives clients confidence in the quality of their purchase and adds to the overall value proposition.

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