Nissan Magnite Unleash the Thrill (2023-2024): Kuro Turbo CVT

The Nissan Magnite Kuro Turbo CVT is a small SUV that skillfully combines efficiency, style, and power. It offers a powerful 1.0 TURBO PETROL engine producing 152 Nm of torque and a CVT gearbox, making for an exciting and fuel-efficient drive. With its intelligent dimensions, safety-focused design, and amazing 17.4 km/l fuel efficiency, the Nissan Magnite Kuro Turbo CVT guarantees you and your passengers a safe and comfortable ride.

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Nissan Magnite Kuro Turbo CVT- Engine and Transmission (2023-2024)

Nissan Magnite Kuro Turbo CVT 2023-2024 has a 999cc, high-performance HRA0 1.0 TURBO PETROL engine installed. The engine produces a powerful output of 152 Nm of peak torque at 2200–4400 rpm and 98.63 horsepower of maximum power at 5000 rpm. With its three cylinders and four valves per cylinder SOHC valve arrangement, this engine uses an MPFi fuel supply system. Specifically, the engine’s efficiency is increased by the Bore X Stroke dimensions, which are 72.2 x 81.3. With a CVT gearbox and an automatic transmission, the 2WD drive-type arrangement offers a dynamic and fuel-efficient driving experience thanks to the Super Charge Turbo Charger and mild hybrid technology.


The inside of the Nissan Magnite Kuro Turbo CVT has been carefully planned to improve convenience and driving pleasure. A tachometer helps the driver control their gears more effectively by giving them real-time information about the engine’s RPM. The interior is made more stylish and comfortable by the cloth upholstery, which also guarantees a comfortable ride. One useful feature is a glove box for easy storage.

A digital clock makes it simple to keep track of the time, and an exterior temperature display lets you quickly see the outside conditions. Accurate mileage readings are provided by the digital odometer. Furthermore, the Driving Experience Control Eco feature allows for customization of the driving experience while enhancing fuel efficiency. A dual-tone dashboard further improves the interior looks and lends refinement to the entire scheme.

Fuel & Performance

According to ARAI standards, the Nissan Magnite Kuro Turbo CVT has an amazing 17.4 km/l fuel economy when running on gasoline. This guarantees a sustainable and cost-effective driving experience. With a 40-liter gasoline tank, there is a good amount of distance between refueling stops. In addition, Nissan Magnite Kuro Turbo CVT meets the strict emission regulations of BS-VI, which is in line with modern environmental requirements. Nissan Magnite Kuro Turbo CVT’s dedication to both performance and environmental responsibility is shown by its fuel-efficient engine and adherence to the most recent emission laws.

Suspension, Steering & Brakes

Nissan Magnite Kuro Turbo CVT’s suspension system, which consists of a Twin tube telescopic shock absorber at the back and a Mac Pherson strut with a Lower Transverse link at the front, is well-designed for a comfortable ride. Comfort and stability are improved by the Double Acting shock absorbers. An electronic system with a tilt steering column makes steering easier and offers a responsive, flexible driving experience. It is very maneuverable in a variety of settings thanks to its impressive 5.0-meter turning radius.

With a disc brake for the front and a drum brake for the rear, the braking system is strong. Its remarkable braking performance—which takes 39.75 meters to come to a stop from 100 kmph—and acceleration—which takes 12.03 seconds to reach 100 kmph—showcase the vehicle’s dexterity and control. Furthermore, Nissan Magnite Kuro Turbo CVT’s efficient braking skills are shown by the 25.71-meter braking distance from 80 kmph to zero.

Dimensions & Capacity

Nissan Magnite Kuro Turbo CVT has a thoughtfully balanced design, with proportions that enhance its usability and volume. Its dimensions are 1572 mm in height, 1758 mm in width, and 3994 mm in length, giving it a compact and well-balanced appearance. The 336-liter cargo capacity is one of the many features of the comfortable and functionally constructed interior. Five people can fit in the seating arrangement, making the trip comfortable for a small party. With a ground clearance of 205mm (unladen), the Nissan Magnite Kuro Turbo CVT is appropriate for a variety of terrains and sits at a comfortable height. 2500mm is the wheelbase, which helps with handling and stability. The vehicle blends accessibility, practicality, and lightweight design with a kerb weight of 1039 kg and five doors.


Nissan Magnite Kuro Turbo CVT is equipped with numerous safety features that provide a secure and safe ride. Brake assist and the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) increase braking efficiency to help with control during sudden stops. With the simplicity and security of central locking, all doors can be locked and unlocked at the same time. Incorporated child safety locks offer an additional layer of protection for younger passengers. To prevent unauthorized entry, the Anti-Theft Alert is turned on. Having two airbags—a driver airbag and a passenger airbag—improves occupant safety by lowering the impact forces following a collision. When combined, these safety features demonstrate the commitment to both vehicle security and passenger safety.

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