Nissan Magnite Price in Mumbai (2024) 

Nissan Magnite Price in Mumbai is Rs. 6.94 Lakh, which also includes ex-showroom pricing (Rs. 5.99 Lakh), insurance costs (Rs. 28,564), and RTO fees (Rs. 65,989). However, the ex-showroom pricing of the Nissan Magnite top model is Rs. 11.02 lakh, while its on-road price in Mumbai is Rs. 12.91 lakh. Furthermore, the starting price of the Magnite Automatic is Rs. 6.49 Lakh. For the Magnite base model, Magnite EMI works out to Rs. 11,471 per month @ 10%. For the best deals, visit the Nissan showroom closest to you in Mumbai.

Cost of Magnite Models

Magnite VariantsOn Road Price
Magnite XERs. 6.94 Lakh
Magnite XE AMTRs. 7.50 Lakh
Magnite XLRs. 8.13 Lakh
Magnite Geza EditionRs. 8.53 Lakh
Magnite XL AMTRs. 8.59 Lakh
Magnite XVRs. 9.01 Lakh
Magnite XV DTRs. 9.20 Lakh
Magnite XV Red EditionRs. 9.30 Lakh
Magnite XV AMTRs. 9.47 Lakh
Magnite Kuro MTRs. 9.54 Lakh
Magnite XV AMT DTRs. 9.65 Lakh
Magnite XV PremiumRs. 9.91 Lakh
Magnite Kuro AMTRs. 10.00 Lakh
Magnite XV Premium DTRs. 10.09 Lakh
Magnite XV Premium AMTRs. 10.26 Lakh
Magnite XV Premium AMT DTRs. 10.44 Lakh
Magnite Turbo XVRs. 10.59 Lakh
Magnite Turbo XV DTRs. 10.78 Lakh
Magnite Turbo XV Red EditionRs. 10.88 Lakh
Magnite Kuro TurboRs. 11.12 Lakh
Magnite Turbo XV PremiumRs. 11.20 Lakh
Magnite Turbo XV Premium DTRs. 11.38 Lakh
Magnite Turbo XV Premium OptRs. 11.43 Lakh
Magnite Turbo CVT XVRs. 11.52 Lakh
Magnite Turbo XV Premium Opt DTRs. 11.81 Lakh
Magnite Turbo CVT XV DTRs. 11.91 Lakh
Magnite Turbo CVT XV Red EditionRs. 12.01 Lakh
Magnite Kuro Turbo CVTRs. 12.26 Lakh
Magnite Turbo CVT XV PremiumRs. 12.49 Lakh
Magnite Turbo CVT XV Premium DTRs. 12.68 Lakh
Magnite Turbo CVT XV Premium OptRs. 12.72 Lakh
Magnite Turbo CVT XV Premium Opt DTRs. 12.91 Lakh

Nissan Magnite EMI Calculations

Down Payment1,70,664
Loan Amount5,39,910
Interest Rate10 %
Tenure60 months
Loan EMI11,471
EMI Calculations- Nissan Magnite Price in Mumbai

Magnite Price Key Highlights

Ex-Showroom PriceRs. 5,99,900
Magnite RTO in MumbaiRs. 65,989
Magnite Insurance CostRs. 28,564
On Road PriceRs. 6,94,453
Magnite Monthly InstallmentRs. 11,471 per month @ 10%
Price Key Highlights- Nissan Magnite Price in Mumbai

FAQs About Nissan Magnite Price in Mumbai

Q. What is the on-road Nissan Magnite price in Mumbai?

Ans.  The Nissan Magnite price in Mumbai with the XE trim level costs Rs. 7.04 Lakh on the road, while the XV Premium (O)Turbo CVT trim level costs Rs. 13.16 Lakh.

Q. What is a detailed breakup of Magnite in Mumbai?

Ans. The base model of Nissan Magnite price in Mumbai is Rs. 5,99,900 ex-showroom plus Rs. 1,19,980 RTO-Corporate, Rs. 70,989 RTO, Rs. 1,419 Road Safety Tax/Cess, Rs. 47,992, Rs. 30,039 Insurance, Rs. 1,500 Hypothecation Charges, and Rs. 500 FASTag. The total cost of the previously listed components makes the Nissan Magnite price in Mumbai equal to Rs. 7.04 Lakh.

Q. What is the downpayment or EMI for Magnite Mumbai?

Ans. The Mumbai base model of Magnite has an EMI of ₹ 11,471 with a down payment of ₹ 1,64,437. These calculations are done using a 10% interest rate and a five-year loan period.

Q. What is the cost of Nisaan Magnite XE through the CSD canteen?

Ans.  The Nissan Magnite XE model has a price of Rs 4.82 lakh (CSD Price). If a client is eligible for CSD benefits, they can visit the CSD website to complete the required documentation. All qualified buyers can additionally benefit from special CSD prices through Nissan’s online sales platform, which will expedite the process even further. For more information, we suggest that you get in touch with the nearest authorized Nissan dealer in your region. 

Q. What is the waiting period and the best minimum loan interest and lowest down payments.?

Ans. We suggest getting in touch with the nearest authorized dealership to find out the availability and waiting period for the Magnite. Furthermore, a 20–25 percent down payment is normally required on the car’s ex-showroom price if you plan to finance the purchase of a new vehicle. The bank alone will talk about the precise confirmation of the EMI, down payment, interest rate, loan length, and its procedure, though, as it depends on each borrower’s eligibility.

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