Configurations of Nissan Magnite: Revolutionize Your Drive

Configurations for Nissan Magnite measures 1572 mm in height, 1758 mm in width, and 3994 mm in length. Nissan Magnite is now available with a gasoline engine. The 999 cc gasoline engine generates 98.63 horsepower at 5000 rpm and 152 Nm of torque between 2200 and 4400 rpm. Nissan provides both manual and automatic drivetrain choices for the Magnite. The Nissan Magnite has 336 liters of payload capacity and 205 mm of ground clearance. At the curb, the magnite weighs 1039 kg.

Configurations of Nissan Magnite Overview

Engine999 CC
Fuel Tank Capacity40 Liters
Ground Clearance205 mm
Mileage20 Kmpl
Dimensions(L*W*H)3994*1758*1572 mm^3

Engine and Transmission- Configurations of Nissan Magnite

The HRA0 1.0 TURBO PETROL engine, which has a displacement of 999cc, produces 152 Nm of torque between 2200 and 4400 rpm and a potent 98.63 horsepower at 5000 rpm. To meet BS VI pollution standards, the engine is equipped with a Multi-Point Fuel Injection (MPFi) system, three cylinders, and a SOHC valve configuration. The automatic transmission’s CVT gearbox enables smooth 2WD driving.

The engine, which has a kerb weight of 1039 kg, uses a turbocharger to increase performance. Interestingly, the Configurations of Nissan Magnite Magnite does not come with a paddle shift or a mild hybrid system. With dimensions of 72.2 x 81.3, the bore x stroke exhibits robust specifications. To customize the Nissan Magnite to your exact specifications, go through Configurations for Nissan Magnite.

Performance and Fuel Economy- Configurations of Nissan Magnite

The Configurations of Nissan Magnite’s efficiency and performance are impressive. Reliability in braking is demonstrated by the short stopping distance of 25.71 meters at 80-0 kmph and the 39.75-meter stopping distance at 100-0 kmph. Powered by gasoline, it accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 13.4 seconds, providing a thrilling driving experience. With a 40-liter gasoline tank, there will be plenty of range for travel. With an impressive mileage of 20 kmpl (ARAI), the Magnite is a great option for drivers who want both power and efficiency from their vehicle. It does this by striking a balance between performance and fuel economy.

Brakes, Steering, Suspension, and TyresConfigurations of Nissan Magnite

Modern tire, suspension, brake, and steering technology on the Magnite ensures a stable and manageable ride. A Mac Pherson strut with a Lower Transverse link at the front and a Twin tube telescopic shock absorber at the rear improve driving convenience. In addition to the efficient and quick braking of the front disc brakes, the rear drum brakes offer a well-balanced performance. Electrically controlled steering offers accuracy and ease of handling with a small turning radius of 5.0. The Configurations of Nissan Magnite’s 195/60 R16 tubeless radial tires provide a balance between comfort and ride stability.

Interior- Configurations of Nissan Magnite

The Magnite’s dual-tone dashboard adds a refined touch, and the interior blends elegance and functionality. In addition to a gloss black finisher and a matte chrome audio frame bezel, the patterned film covers the assist side interior design of the cabin. The sleek silver finish of the AC vents and their chrome-accented knobs elevate the overall look. The superb black fabric with faux leather inlays adds a touch of sophistication. Configurations for Nissan Magnite allow for customization to further enhance the interior features.

Bottle holders, door pockets, and a 10-liter glovebox are all purposefully placed for storage within the interior. Headrests for improved comfort in the back seats, cupholders for the armrests on the back seats, and cloth upholstery are additional features. Convenience is at your fingertips with the steering wheel’s integrated music and phone controls. Configurations for Nissan Magnite provide options for upgrading and personalizing these amenities. Moreover, with a PM 2.5 air conditioner filter, the Magnite also emphasizes air quality, ensuring a comfortable and healthy environment inside the cabin.

Exterior Appearance- Configurations of Nissan Magnite

The Magnite has a bold appearance that is highlighted with Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) for increased safety and visibility. Body-colored bumpers, front and rear silver skid plates, and chrome accents on the door handles and outside mirrors are examples of exterior elements. The vehicle’s premium appearance is enhanced by the exquisite chrome finishing on the waist molding and rear quarter window molding. For increased safety, a high-mounted LED stop lamp is integrated into the rear spoiler.

Convenient levers are used to access the trunk, and the Outside Rear View Mirrors (ORVMs) with turn indicators enhance the vehicle’s safety features. Furthermore, having a trunk light guarantees visibility in dimly lit areas. The Magnite’s appearance is meant to turn heads on the road with attention to detail and a blend of flair and functionality.

Comfort and Convenience- Configurations of Nissan Magnite

Every drive is enjoyable with the Magnite since comfort and convenience are given top priority. For the convenience of drivers and passengers, chrome outside front door handles include a request switch. The total level of comfort is increased by the footrest, folding assist grips, rear parcel tray, room lighting, and intermittent variable front wipers. Two tweeters, USB charging with lighting, trip meter data, and a rearview camera with display guidelines are among the entertainment offerings.

The Magnite’s interior is made pleasant and adaptable with features including cruise control, adjustable lumbar support, a 60:40 split folding rear seat, and a center armrest for the back seat. Convenience and security are enhanced by safety features like push-button start, seat belt warning, and parking sensors. From comfort to entertainment to safety, the Magnite is made to improve every part of driving.

Safety and Security- Configurations of Nissan Magnite

The Magnite prioritizes safety and is outfitted with cutting-edge technology to guarantee a safe and secure driving experience. Passenger safety is improved by impact and speed sensing auto door unlocking and locking. In addition to the driver and passenger airbags, the Magnite has a tire pressure monitor for enhanced security. Brake aid (BA) and the anti-lock braking system (ABS) enhance effective braking. The traction control system (TCS) improves the stability of the car.

Configurations for Nissan Magnite further enhance safety features, allowing users to tailor the vehicle’s safety options to their preferences. Driving convenience is increased with the rear defogger and day/night rearview mirror. Among the advanced safety features on the Magnite are a 7″ TFT advanced drive assist display, an anti-roll bar, automatic warning hazard on hard braking, seat belt reminders, rear cameras with projection guides, and 3P seat belts with pre-tensioners and load limiters for the driver and passenger. Overall safety is increased with the hydraulic brake assist, hill starts to assist indicator, and vehicle dynamic control.

Nissan Magnite XV Red Edition

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